Scott K. Anderson

Anderson Computing Solutions

4225 SW 99th Ave
Beaverton, OR 97005
Phone: (503) 644-9768
  • Onsite & Remote Management of MAC Windows Desktops, Laptops & Servers
  • Creation, Integration & Securing of MAC Windows Wired & Wireless Networks
  • Business Operations Continuity & Complete Business Disaster-Recovery
  • Large, Mid-Tier & Small Manufacturing Co. Machine & Network System Support
  • Seamless Multiple Business Office to Home Office Network Integration

Anderson Computing Solutions was formed in July of 2000 after completing 12 years managing core engineering networking operations for Intel. ACS was formed with strong desire to leverage enterprise level technologies across the entire Portland Metro Region business, manufacturing and professional office spectrum. Our client presence and focused project management bridges corporate enterprise, data center, manufacturing and small-medium business channels in providing "world-class" onsite & remote technical support to organizations of any size at extremely competitive fixed rates across each channel segment. ACS is a recognized regional leader in ensuring continuous business critical operations and entire recovery of business and professional offices. Business operations continuity and disaster recovery are core services ACS provides in fostering the growth, prosperity and security for each client.

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Q3 - Q4 2019 Ongoing Client IT Projects 


◘ Deployment of duplicated fault-tolerant Servers for real-time fail-over across multi-client WAN.

◘ Multiple Network Load-Balanced Server Clustering + SQL Db Mirroring for High Avail Fail-over.

◘ Multiple extensive client relocations to expanded office suites to accomodate business growth.

◘ Advanced client integration between SSR system backup & dynamic cloud backup operations.


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