November 27, 2018

A roundtable where we share our approaches and experiences recommending products and vendors to our clients.


Is it worthwhile to sell it yourself, or just recommend?

  • For Workstations
  • For Laptops
  • For Servers
  • If you sell, who do you buy from and what is your experience?
  • If you recommend, who do you buy from, which manufacturers and models?
  • Are there any partner programs worth joining?
  • What are your normal desktop office specs?
  • How do you charge? How much do you markup?

Computer Setup

Do you set up clients' computers? What do you do? What do you charge?


What other hardware do you sell yourself? How is it part of your business model?

What other hardware do you recommend? Why?

  • Printers?
  • Routers?
  • Other support services (like Pacific Office Automation)?
  • Phone systems?

Do you charge for the expertise in making recommendations?

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