June 26, 2018

We will have a panel discussion covering various remote access programs. Some for consultants to use with many clients, others for the clients to use to work on their office computers from home or elsewhere.

Remote access for Consultants:

Products: Teamviewer; GotoAssist, Splashtop Remote Support, Remote PC, Connectwise

Discussion points:

  • Costs and what you get (multiple pcs, multiple consultants, how many clients can you have?)
  • Ad-Hoc and unattended access
  • File transfer, multiple screens and other issues
  • Ease of getting clients onboard
  • Experiences with reliability issues, speed, tech support
  • Questions from audience

Remote Access for Our Clients:
Products: Remote PC, Splashtop Business; Gotomypc; Logmein

Discussion points:

  • Is it easy for clients to setup? - Any issues?
  • Is it easy for you to setup for your clients?
  • Does it run through a simple local desktop app or require logging in with a browser?
  • Do your clients find it ok? (fast, have the features they need?)
  • What complaints have your clients made about it and are they useful for distinguishing between products.
  • Price options
  • Questions from audience



The panel will consist of Tim Chalmers, Christian Martin, David Harold, Justin Swall and Jesse Black. But everyone will be encouraged to participate.

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