May 29, 2018

Adam Hoskins is the Business Support Manager at the Washington Square Microsoft store will review and demonstrate the new features of Windows 10 1803 and introduce unique features of Microsoft 365, including:

Top 3 Features of 1803

  • Windows Timeline and practical applications for it
  • Focus Assist – This allows for customization of your windows notifications
  • Windows Nearby Sharing – Smart sharing that will allow you to share files via wifi or Bluetooth. Whichever the system thinks is more efficient

Additional features

  • Windows ink better integration
  • Microsoft Edge Clutter-free printing
  • Microsoft Edge for Mobile
  • Narrator settings
  • Microsoft launcher staying connected with your family
  • Password Recovery with a local account

Microsoft 365 Key features

  • Always on security – Giving you the ability to manage your company data remotely
  • Business Center Applications like teams, staffhub, and flow
  • Add Policies to devices with an easy to manage website



Adam has been with Microsoft for four and a half years and worked his way up with the company. He was previously at Best Buy for five years holding various roles. His current role is focused on building relationships with small business and Microsoft.

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