March 27, 2018

Social Media isn't just kid's stuff anymore. It's a collection of mature platforms with billions of people looking for the things they need every day. It's now a pay-to-play platform where a small investment can cut through the noise and propel you ahead of your competition.

Find out how these 3 social media myths are easily busted:

  1. You can't make money on social media.
  2. My customers aren't on social media.
  3. Social Media takes a lot of time.



Matt Rouse is one of the founders of Hook SEO Digital Marketing, and author of the book series Crush SEO: Learn How to Market Your Local Business Online. His company's mission is to help modernize marketing to level the playing field for small business owners and managers. Matt is the founder and host of the Digital Marketing Masters Podcast and the proud reining champion of the Meals on Wheels Chili Cook-off.

When he's not doing marketing, he spends time with his wife Kari and 2 year old daughter Faith and creates books and supplements for the game tabletop game Dungeons & Dragons.

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