September 26, 2017

Businesses large and small are under threat from increasingly aggressive and brutal ransomware attacks. Loss of access to critical files, followed by a demand for payment can cause massive disruption to an organization's productivity.

But what does a typical attack look like? And what security solutions should be in place to give the best possible defense?


John Green, Founder of Nova Business Systems, Inc.
Nova Business Systems, Inc. is a provider of business computer network security products and services including endpoint protection from ransomware, exploits and malware; Unified Threat Management firewalls, secure WiFi and VPN systems; strategic server backup and business continuity; Microsoft, LINUX, and UNIX system administration, and related services. Located in Lake Oswego, Oregon, we have been providing technical multi-user software solutions and services to Portland area businesses for over 30 years. "Since 1983"


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