May 30, 2017

Have you ever had to download a plug-in just to join a meeting? Do you want to know what kinds of services are available for these types of meetings? Is video really necessary? Can I do this for free? Can I use these type of services to provide remote support? What is wrong with just using my business phone? What is a reservationless meeting?

This month we will be discussing the best ways to implement and use Audio & Video conferencing within your organization. Come join us and learn about how you can use one-time services, regular meeting codes, and even expand these services to include other things like screen sharing and remote support.


David Bowman has been working in the technology industry since he was performing child labor maintaining the Dial-Up BBS for his Dad during storms. Having grown up around technology the crowning achievement of his teenage years was finally talking his parents into the Palm Pilot IIIc. He was known to use his "school laptop" to write websites during class and nearly didn't graduate high school because his final Project was plagiarized from himself. (yes he sold his Project to a company and got school credit for it at the same time)

David has spent the last 10 years working for companies such as Hewlett Packard, Cisco Systems, and CenturyLink. With a strong background in switching, internet connectivity, and rooms without windows full of technology he comes to us today from his new company, Fireboltservices.

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