April 25, 2017

When you setup a new computer, what software do you install? What questions do you ask? How do you assure that your client has the best experience? Whether you are selling the computer, simply advising, or coming in after the fact, you have many obligations as a consultant.

In our March meeting we covered a wide range of issues, and decided to continue the presentation to finish the extensive outline of topics. In this second part of our discussion we will cover:

  • Software Part 2
    • Security software: what security software and management tools do you install? We look at password management, spam control, update management and startup control.
    • Browser Adjustments: What browser do you use and what adjustments do you make to the stock setup? Special attention will be paid to Cliqz the privacy browser.
  • Windows 10 issues: This includes increasing user privacy and security. Controlling Microsoft's advertising initiative, application defaults, search defaults etc.
  • Mobile security: primarily looking at VPN services and DNS services.
  • Backup: Examining local and off-site backups as well as scheduled imaging.

We hope to involve the audience and get input from as many consultants as possible.


Tim Chalmers, Your Computer Consultants, Inc. dba Your Computer Guy:
Steve Shank, Oregon Computer Solutions


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