February 28, 2017

Overview of NFV (network functions virtualization) and SDN (software defined networking) on Intel – How to leverage the best packet performance on Intel architecture.

  • Intel’s view on Data processing
  • Benefits of NFV and SDN
  • Intel’s Open Network Platform Reference Architecture Data Plane Development Kit
  • Open vSwitch
  • Intel Quick Assist
  • Intel Resource Director Technology
  • Enhanced Platform Awareness and OpenStack
  • Builders Program
  • Technology Providers Program
  • Where are SSD drives going?
  • Questions and answers


Baltazar Ruiz is an Online Application Engineer based out of Hillsboro, OR. He covers all Communications and Cloud Service Providers (Such as Frontier communications, Craigslist, etc.). Baltazar is an immigrant from Monterrey, Mexico, where he studied Control and Computing, the technology you find in manufacturing plants where robots build cars… However, he spent his professional life working in Communications Service Providers since 1997, as a Network Engineer and leading the technical teams.

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