David Cornelius

Cornelius Concepts, LLC

515 NW Saltzman Rd, #844
Portland, OR 97229
Phone: (503) 319-1406
(503) 914-6671


  • Software Development for any platform
  • Website building and hosting
  • Retail Pro Plugins and E-Commerce Website Integration
  • Database Design, SQL Queries, Data Conversion
  • Installation Scripts, Automation, Documentation

David Cornelius, founder of Cornelius Concepts, is a software developer creating custom business applications for Windows and mobile devices, writing retail point-of-sale plugins, building professional websites, automating systems, and integrating disparate databases. He is a detail-oriented person who communicates clearly and has worked with large and small businesses encompassing retail, education, insurance, healthcare, and real estate. With over 35 years of software development experience and 16 years working with Retail Pro, he has the breadth of knowledge to solve a myriad of business needs.

Here are some projects he has completed:

  • Rewrote the OCCA website using Drupal 8.
  • Built and supported multiple applications to synchronize inventory, sales, and customers between websites and Retail Pro;
  • Built plug-ins to augment functionality in Retail Pro 8 and 9;
  • Debugged and improved complex Oracle queries for Crystal Reports;
  • Automated job-site paperwork by writing an Android app and database server to sign-off on delivered parts;
  • Supported back-end database coding for a fast-food processing system using Postgres;
  • Developed an application to integrate Easyrent inventory and sales with a Bigcommerce online store;
  • Added cloud database support to commercial software;
  • Crafted XML transformations to process data and workflows for mortgage loan processes;
  • Converted a Windows-based Delphi web server to Free Pascal on Linux;
  • Designed a cloud-based Windows application for a steel parts import company which migrated up from an old DOS-based FoxPro application;
  • Built a highly customized sales and contact manager for a food brokerage firm in Delphi;
  • Managed remote developers on a large real estate trading website project built in PHP;
  • Created Windows software to control automation devices tested in a manufacturing plant.

View my LinkedIn Profile for more history.

Whether you need a desktop, mobile or cloud app, Cornelius Concepts can build it!

Products Supported:

Crystal Reports / Delphi / Drupal / Linux / Microsoft Azure / Microsoft Excel / Microsoft SQL Server / Microsoft Windows / MySQL / TrueCrypt / VeraCrypt / Vivaldi Browser

Services Provided:

Data Conversion / Database Administration / Database Design/Planning / Database Online / Linux / Point of Sale / Programming / Web Application Development / Web Browser Support / Website Design / Website Hosting

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