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Full Membership requires two sponsors, which must be current members of the OCCA. Typically, these are people you have met and talked with at OCCA meetings or know already through some other means. (If you do not have two members to sponsor you, we'll contact you to setup interviews.)
Full Membership is open to any FULL TIME business or organization registered or licensed in accordance with the laws of the State of Oregon that provides computer-related consulting services to the public for a fee and that actively supports the OCCA purposes, goals, and objectives.
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By submitting this application I certify that I have read the Statement of Purpose, Code of Ethics, Membership Qualifications, and Membership Benefits; and that I and/or the company I represent will subscribe to, abide by, and actively support the purposes, Code of Ethics, Bylaws, and policies of the OCCA.

I understand that the name of the company and its designated representative will be distributed for review by the membership and that membership in the OCCA may be denied or terminated for violations of the OCCA Code of Ethics and/or Bylaws.

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