About the OCCA

The Oregon Computer Consultants Association is a not-for-profit association established to provide a structure and forum for independent computer consultants working within the State of Oregon to share their knowledge, skills, and resources; to promote the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct; and to promote the common interests of its membership.

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OCCA Bylaws

Code of Ethics


OCCA Members will make full prior disclosure to potential and actual Clients of any vested interest(s) they may have with regard to the opinions, recommendations, etc., that they make and with regard to any ownership affiliations they have with other businesses or organizations.

Professional Competence

OCCA Members will undertake or continue only consulting engagements which they can reasonably expect to complete with professional competence.

Professional Conduct

OCCA Members will not knowingly misrepresent facts, nor commit any act discreditable to the profession or to the Association, nor knowingly participate in any engagement whereby their professional skills will be used by a client to violate the law.


OCCA Members will honor the confidentiality of information obtained in the course of consulting engagements and not disclose or make use of such information without the prior written consent of the Client. This rule will not be construed as to conflict with any valid subpoena or summons enforceable by order of a court of law.

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