Membership in the OCCA

There are two levels of membership: Associate and Full.

Associate Membership - $75/year

Associate Membership in the OCCA is open to any individuals, businesses, or organizations who actively support the purposes, goals and objectives of the OCCA but who do not apply or are not qualified for Full Membership.


Associate Membership in the OCCA includes:

  • A brief listing in the OCCA website associate members directory;
  • Running for OCCA Officer and Board positions;
  • Participation, if desired, in the OCCA email list;
  • Participation in selected OCCA sponsored group benefits: trade show tables, etc.;
  • Participating in OCCA committees, speakers bureau, and selected groups.

Full Membership - $150/year

Full Membership in the OCCA is open to any business or organization registered or licensed in accordance with the laws of the State of Oregon that provides computer related consulting services to the public in the State of Oregon for a fee and that actively supports OCCA purposes, goals, and objectives. Applicants must be sponsored by two current OCCA Members in good standing. Applicants must agree to have their names and/or business names emailed to all members for review. Further, applicants must agree that they and/or the companies they represent will subscribe to, abide by, and actively support OCCA Purposes, Code of Ethics, Bylaws, and Policies and that their OCCA membership may be denied or terminated for violations of the OCCA Bylaws or Code of Ethics.


Full Membership include all benefits of Associate members plus:

  • Inclusion for possible referral from the website and email referral services
  • A full web page listing in the OCCA website members directory, listing specialties, products supported, and services offered;
  • Use of the OCCA Mentoring program (2 hours consultation);
  • May vote on OCCA resolutions, motions, actions, and elections;
  • May run for office of the President.


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