February 22, 2022

System configuration

  • What CPU, drives, memory are you choosing?
  • When are you using AMD processors?
  • What vendors and brands do you recommend?
  • Laptops, desktops, lightweight systems, smaller tower systems?
  • Which series from Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc. are you recommending for business?
  • What size and features are you recommending in laptops for business users?
  • When and where are you recommending Macs?
  • Are you recommending Windows 10 or 11?  If 10, are you ensuring you new system can run Windows 11?
  • Local or Microsoft accounts?
  • Configuring laptops and desktops.
    • How do you setup computers for clients?
    • What default options do you change?
    • What programs do you normally add?
    • What programs do you normally remove?


This will be a general discussion where those who sell or recommend systems will share knowledge.

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