October 26, 2021

On October 5th Microsoft released Windows 11 to the world and is now starting to offer it to eligible computers through automatic updates.

  • What computers are compatible with Windows 11 and can I install Windows 11 even if my system isn’t compatible?
  • What’s new and different about Windows 11?
  • Is Windows 11 ready for prime-time?
  • And if it’s not, how can I stop Microsoft from automatically updating my client’s PCs to Windows 11?

Join us on Tuesday, October 26th at Cooper Mountain Ale Works Public House in Tigard for answers to these questions (and more) as we do a deep-dive into Windows 11 Professional. Justin will provide a first-look at Windows 11 LIVE at the meeting and will present on his knowledge and experience with this latest version of Microsoft Windows.  

Attendees are encouraged to bring their Windows 11 questions and personal experiences (if any) to the meeting.  After the initial demonstration and presentation, Justin will moderate a group Q&A and discussion on everyone’s experiences with Windows 11 up until now.


Justin Swall of West Coast Technology Guides had his first experience with computers when he was 2-years-old. His family purchased an Atari 130XE and he’s been obsessed with technology ever since. Never being willing to stand still, he's been on a life-long journey of learning and finding out "what's next". This journey has led him into supporting Windows networks, servers and desktops for more than 20 years. Today's "what’s next" is Windows 11 and he is excited to share his knowledge and first-hand experience with Microsoft’s latest OS. Justin also serves as President of the OCCA.

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