July 26, 2005

You visit a prospective client and learn that their server containsprivate health information. What do you do? What are the opportunitiesor pitfalls? How do you protect yourself and your client legally?Topics include:

  1. Health Care, Health Insurance & Economic Impact. Keeping Health Care Private and why HIPAA became necessary in America.
  2. HIPAA - A Brief Overview of the Privacy & Security Regulations
  3. HIPAA Covered Entities - Health Insurance Companies, Clearing Houses, Health Care Providers.
  4. HIPAA Third Parties - Contractors, Consultants, Service Providers. The Business Associate Contract (Sample) - http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/hipaa/contractprov.html
  5. HIPAA - Contracts & Agreements with Third Parties.
  6. HIPAA - Third Party Obligations, Responsibilities & Liabilities.
  7. HIPAA - Working with your Covered Entity, A bright future for responsible contractors.

Presented by

Ron Fischer, HIPAA Compliance Alliance, President

Ron Fischer was the founder and President of the HIPAA ComplianceAlliance, an Oregon Limited Liability Company. The company was made upof attorneys, health care providers, and highly trained experts inHIPAA regulations. It specialized in providing HIPAA “Privacy” and“Security” compliance seminars and training services to Health CareProviders and lawyers.

The HIPAA Compliance Alliance became a principal contributor to thenation’s largest independent information center regarding HIPAAcompliance matters, http://www.calhipaa.com and eventually retired frompersonal contact services as the compliance grace periods came to aclose.
By request, Ron Fischer still conducts seminars on specific HIPAA Privacy and Security issues to special interest groups.

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