October 26, 2004

What do you do when you are asked to inspect a computer for possiblefraud or illegal activity? Or you're at a client's and find somematerial on the computer that's just not right; child pornography,death threats and embezzling CPA notes. What do you do? Where do yougo? How do you handle this mess? Computer crimes are on the rise andit's inevitable that you, as a computer consultant, will be faced withthis situation. Knowing what you should do in these situations willease your tension.

Roy Miller of Miller Computer Group, will provide practical guidanceon what to do, where to go and most importantly how to proceed. Roy isthe President and founder of Miller Computer Group, Inc., a companyspecializing in the development of software for attorneys, privateinvestigators and law enforcement. Roy was a Special Agent for the AirForce Office of Special Investigations. As a Special Agent in Charge,Roy directed investigations of white-collar crime involving Departmentof Defense contractors. His work resulted in the arrest of dozens ofindividuals who were defrauding the U.S. government of millions oftaxpayer dollars. His interest carried on after the Air Force when heentered private industry. Roy has an undergraduate degree in CriminalJustice and post-graduate degrees in Management and Computer andInformation Resources Management. He has experience and training inmany areas of programming, software development and computer forensics.

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