August 31, 2004

A general discussion on hardware devices to help make your jobeasier and more fun. Hear from other consultants how they use thelatest devices in their work.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Tablet PCs and Notebooks.
  • How tablet PC s can be used by the consultant for everything from note taking to handing the customer a bill before you leave.
  • Palm pilots and Pocket PCs.
  • Using handhelds in our business.
  • Note taking on a small screen.
  • Internet connectivity. Checking on customers systems through the Internet.
  • Bluetooth and the handheld.
  • Cellular technology.
  • Integrated handhelds.
  • Internet connections through your phone.
  • The use of pen drives.
    • Utilities, backup.
  • The uses of wireless Internet.
  • Hardware for data recovery and backup.
  • USB and firewire hard drive cases.
  • Portable CD-RWs, DVD writers and other backup devices.
  • Using technology to navigate to a new location.
  • Mapping software
  • Wireless Internet to check freeway conditions
  • GPS
  • Recording devices for making voice notes.
  • Stuff just for fun.

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