January 27, 2004

A word-of-mouth marketing campaign is the most cost-effective way to grow a consulting business and it doesn’t just happen on its own. To create a thriving word-of-mouth business, one of the essentials is to identify why your clients want to work with you. The next step is to find the right advocates for your network and prepare them so they can tell others about you easily and effectively. In a word-of-mouth business, business doesn’t happen if nobody’s talking. Join Bobbi Kahler to learn how to get people talking about your business so you can find and keep more of your best clients.

Key points:

  1. Blockbuster word-of-mouth means that people won’t stop talking about your business.
  2. How to qualify and attract your best clients
  3. How to motivate your network to send you the business you want
  4. How to keep yourself top-of-mind within your network
  5. How to make sure your clients become lifetime advocates.

Why Bobbi?

Bobbi specializes in helping entrepreneurs and professionals build a steady stream of their best clients. She has been speaking and training professionally for over 10 years. She's trained thousands in the art of business through powerful language and her concept of making yourself referable -- why will people send business to you?

Bobbi is the author of Bring Your Business Into Focus. She is a professional member of the National Speakers Association, and the Director of Training & Development for BNI Oregon & SW Washington.

Bobbi is president of the Kahler Consulting Group and they specialize in helping consultants from a wide range of fields to find and keep their best clients.

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