January 25, 2004

Explore the best ways to have people find your product or service onthe Internet. Scott Hendison of Portland Technology Consultants, willbe presenting information about Search Engine Marketing and SearchEngine Optimization.

A highly targeted Internet advertising campaign is one of the mostcost effective forms of advertising in the world. Search EngineMarketing means buying your way to the top to get instant rankings.Search Engine Optimization is making your website "search enginefriendly", so they rank you higher in the results pages. Come andexplore the best strategies and tools to help your business be found onthe Internet.

In 1997, Scott Hendison started his own business called CyberExchange. It was a computer store that specialized in the trading ofnew used software and hardware. In 2000, after his landlords sold andtore down his building, Scott "evolved" out of the used market moving afew blocks away and rebranded his business as MPH Computing.

As MPH Computing, Scott and his employees were nominees inconsecutive years for the Oregon Better Business Bureau Business of theYear award. MPH built and serviced computers in the neighborhood,helping nearly 13,000 customers. As the price of computers continued todecline, and the cost of providing excellent service continued toescalate, Scott closed the doors of MPH Computing in April of 2002.

Scott currently runs Portland Technology Consultants, a computer consulting business specializing in helping small businesses.

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