August 26, 2003

A panel of experts will discuss how they acquire and manage the information necessary for running their consultancy. They will also discuss the systems they've put in place for clients and where different types of systems are effective. Among the topics which will be covered are:

Getting the information you need.

  • How do you stay informed?
  • How to educate yourself and your employees?
  • What magazines and newsletters are important and most useful to you?
  • Where do you get your knowledge regarding security patches, viruses and new technology?

How do you access your information after you've acquired it?

  • How do you find or index the information you use?
  • How do you access downloaded files, pdf files and articles, emails etc.?
  • What tools do you use for information management?

Helping the Client

  • How do you keep track of what you have done at a customer's site?
  • Which clients need which upgrades and patches?
  • How do you transport your personal knowledge base?

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