July 29, 2003

Who are the best vendors to purchase equipment from? Why? What arethe strengths and weaknesses of the local wholesalers? Three of themajor wholesalers have agreed to join us for a vendor's forum.Represented will be:

  • Computer Technology Link (CTL)
  • Able Computer Systems of Oregon
  • SYNNEX Information Technologies, Inc.

Each vendor will make a short presentation and then we'll open themeeting to audience questions and feedback. After the generalpresentation, we will request that all non-members leave and we'll havea private discussion for members only.

Among the questions we expect to be discussed are:

  • Dealing with your sales rep. What if you get a bad sales rep?
  • Will they order stuff for you that they don't usually stock?
  • Using quality products.
  • Becoming an authorized vendor or service company.
  • How do vendors warranty the stuff they sell? Will they warranty it or do you have to go to the manufacturer?
  • What are refund / return policies?
  • Credit card charges.
  • When does the vendor sell returned products as new? Do they tell you or not?
  • Shipping costs?
  • Intel's IPD program and recent changes that make you buy from their vendors.
  • When is it smarter to just buy from retail computer stores?

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