April 29, 2003

A panel of established computer consultants will discuss, amongthemselves and with the audience, practical questions related topreventing and troubleshooting PC and networking problems


Among the topics which they will discuss are:

  1. Disaster Prevention
    • Power related
    • Security related
    • User related (Right restrictions)
    • Suspect Software
    • Computer cleanup - spyware, virus, firewall
    • Other
  2. Disaster recovery
    • Various Backup Strategies (and stragedies)
    • System images
    • Installation guides
    • Software inventories and management
    • Tools
  3. Troubleshooting Tools and Techniques
    • When to troubleshoot, when to just buy new
    • Cleaning up the startup
    • Uninstalling
    • Registry Editing
    • Useful Tools
    • Network diagnostics
    • What was your weirdest disaster?

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