January 28, 2020

Joe will review two of Free and Fair's recent projects:

1. ElectionGuard: A software development kit (SDK) that will enable anyone to build verifiable elections technology. Voting system developers can use ElectionGuard to make their voting systems end-to-end verifiable, allowing for individual voters to confirm their votes were counted, as well as for third parties to validate that the results of an election haven’t been tampered with. ElectionGuard was developed by Free & Fair and is a Microsoft product.

2. Elections as a Demonstrator for Secure Hardware: With funding from DARPA, Free & Fair has developed an open source, open hardware secure hardware demonstrator called the Smart Ballot Box. This technology ensures that only legal ballots are permitted in the ballot box.

Come to learn about this exciting new technology and ask your questions. There will be an extensive question and answer period.



Principled CEO and Chief Scientist of Free and Fair

Principal Scientist, Galois

Free and Fair

Free & Fair performs advanced research and development in election technology and security. They aim for election systems to meet the highest security standards. Our work is reviewed by the world’s foremost experts in academia and industry, and everything we develop is secure and open source.


Galois develops technology to guarantee the trustworthiness of systems where failure is unacceptable. We apply cutting edge computer science and mathematics to advance the state of the art in software and hardware trustworthiness.

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