July 30, 2019

Nothing is constant but change. Backups are no exception to that rule.


Come prepared for a wide ranging discussion of the current world of backups. And come prepared to share your experiences, both pros and cons, with backups of all kinds.


We will discuss:

  • How to "sell" backup solutions to customers who are resistant.
  • Pros and cons of drive image backups or file copy backups.
  • Pros and cons of various cloud solutions.


All types of backups will be covered, including:


Local Data Backups - Including at least:

Second copy, FBackup, Windows 10 File History, AOMEI, Cobian, etc.


Online Backups - including at least

Carbonite, Idrive, Spideroak, BackBlaze, Datto, Solarwinds RMM, etc.



Shadow Protect - Storage craft; Time machine; Disk2VHD, Macrium Reflect, etc.


Online sychronization like: Google drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, SpiderOak, etc.


Come prepared with your recommendations, and disaster stories ready to learn and contribute.


Christian Martin will moderate our discussion. Christian Martin is president of the OCCA and owner of Denali Consulting.

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