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This is a wonderful book, well worth your time, thoroughly enjoyable, and eminently readable: a balanced telling of an unbalanced life.
/ Posted by: George Shubin / September 2012
An article clarifying the need to vacuum computers in order to reduce heat. Links to free fan and heat reporting programs are provided as well as guidelines.
/ Posted by: Steve Shank / August 2012
Don't let these three myths prevent you or your company from considering development of a new mobile application.
/ Posted by: George Shubin / July 2012
These 7 sins of custom programming may not always be deadly, but they can endanger the programmer if he's around when the new software is tested in the office!
/ Posted by: George Shubin / June 2012
Governments are buying exploits from hackers and keeping them secret. This changes the economics of hacking making the Internet more dangerous.
/ Posted by: Steve Shank / June 2012
What if having a house designed and built was treated the same way many software projects are treated?
/ Posted by: George Shubin / June 2012
The ICSI research group at Berkeley has created a tool for troubleshooting your Internet connection issues and providing a very useful diagnostic report.
/ Posted by: Steve Shank / May 2012
SQL Server 2012 brings important changes, not all of them good.
/ Posted by: Kurt Survance / May 2012
When configuring your router, it is important to turn off WPS because it is a gigantic security hole. Here's how.
/ Posted by: Steve Shank / May 2012
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